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Little bit about me: I was a high school math- science teacher, and cooking was a  hobby after coming home from teaching.  I experimented with recipe after recipe adding my own touch until I was satisfied with the outcome.

One of my recipes was a  cheddar cheese hors d’oeuvre that was served large scale on a buffet.

I started catering for parties and weddings on the weekends. This cheese hors d’oeuvre  was extremely popular.  I eventually worked at  Unicorn Winery near Warrenton, Va., on the weekends, and would even cater their open houses and other events.

This cheese product was a natural pair with the wine and again was extremely popular. Many of my co-workers at the winery suggested I make it in a smaller, more marketable size, and sell it to local wineries, wine shops and food shops. My thoughts were “why not,”  I was no longer teaching, and  I think  I always wanted my own little business.  This was the perfect time.

So Simply Cheddar was started.  I called it Simply Cheddar because in essence it is a cheese ball, and the term cheese ball creates a vision of lots of cream cheese with many added flavorings like fruits and bacon, etc.   But the main ingredient in my product is only Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

This is not your mother’s cheese ball.

As one fan said…I have brought the cheese ball into the 21st century.

About me

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